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[AdHd] Algernon's Strategies and Tips


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Hi All You Determined Fighters!


[AdHd]Algernon's Tips

1. Always be as efficient as possible

2. Dont forget to upgrade your skills

3. Know where your enemies are spawning

4. Know how to avoid enemies if possible

5. Plan strategic routes and gameplay patterns

6. Know what weapons, augs and skills you have

7. If theres a high ping compensate for it by shooting in front of or behind your enemies to ensure better accuracy

8. Know where to put lams and where they are usually put

9. Close the doors by turrets so enemies have to get shot more

10. Open doors where enemies might be hiding so you can see them if you walk by

11. If you walk at a certain angle toward and away from the turrets they dont shoot you. Aim about 5 ft. to the right or left. (doesnt work perfectly all the time)

12. Dont stop moving in open areas

13. Dont stand around in one place too long

14. Know your enemy

15. Know yourself

16. Know the strategy

Here are my strategies. You'll learn to understand what kinds of strategies there are, what they consist of, how to diferentiate between them, be able to organize your strategies into a battle plan and be able to make battleplans for clan wars. Once you know this you will be able to play Deus Ex better (hopefully) than you do now.

First i'll tell you about augs. I use health, defence and low energy augs that can be used for a long time while all of them are on. In order to acheive the effectiveness i need in the battlefield i use only 6 or 7 of 9 augs. The augs are your preference. Personally i was sick of getting killed and not being able to do or accomplish anything because i was killed so often. This is a good setup to stay alive in hairy situations (such as inside a building with enemies coming at you from all sides and then once they die come and find you again to shoot at you some more.) It is good for many reasons, one is that i can go get in the thick of battle and usually be able to retreat with a kill or two and then i have the skills to help me kill faster next time. So gameplay essentially becomes easier as my kills increase. That is one of the reasons i almost always come out with the highest score in matches. I use VISION AUG as my first priority aug. (Augs earned a certain order. That order is determined by which button in the aug menu you choose first.) I like vision aug because it keeps me safe from rogue cloakers with throwing knives and silent footsteps. Now im not saying that this setup will work well for you or your team. Different people with different types of skills bring new challenges into the game and that sheds a new light on multiplayer gaming that makes it more interesting.

Ok now on to weapons.

Throwing knives are always my weapon of choice. I like them for a few reasons. They are silent, easy to aim with under alot of situations and one fully skiied knife to the head will kill an enemy. My second choice is the Assault Gun. I like it for the sole fact that it also holds 20mm ammo (HE). It is also a good all around gun. If you stand still and actually aim with it you can acheive accuracy surpassing that of the assault shotgun. Last but not least is the Gep Gun. I love the gep because it has the auto targeting. Plain and simple. If they have ads then i get closer and knive them. Dont shoot gep in a small room or up close unless it is your last hope; some people use ads and the rocket will explode on you and that will kick your a** so watch out. I know that i use 3 different classes of weapons so i have to upgrade skills seperatel;y for each class. Oh well. I am good enough with the knives that that is ok, ok? Ok. Anyway that's that. Oh and if you pick up another person's gun you should trade it off for something youre more comfortable with as soon as possinble and remember to keep your ammo stocked.

This should give you a good base to work off of especially if you have not played many strategy games.