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[AdHd] Clan

[AdHd] Clan Member Info | What Is [AdHd] You Ask? | Clan War Event Schedule | Map and Mod Links | Join Our [AdHd] Clan | Quality Map Database and Downloads | [AdHd] Algernon's Strategies and Tips | MP and SP Cheat Codes | Deus Ex Server Optimization

Welcome to the [AdHd] clan Deus Ex website!

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Our Volunteer Spokeswoman

[AdHd] Spokesmoman

Hi everybody welcome to the [AdHd] clan website.=) I am trying to eventually make a map database for deus ex. I will add only quality maps. I do have high standards to a certain extent. I hope you find what you need.

I have built this site to enhance your playing pleasure. I have included a strategies and tips section written by me [AdHd]Algernon. Newbies you have come to the right place.

What's New

02/04/01 I added some tips and strategies. I left a message for the clan. Email me if you want server optimization info.

01/30/01 I have added one new map and a really cool official skinpack! I suggest you go to the downloads page to get them today. I also switched domain names because for some odd reason tripod wouldnt allow people to open my page. I dont like them very much but i do redirect my downloads to them. lol

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